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Marco Korda
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Below you find some pictures made in july, 2019 exclusively for this page and for the forthcoming album/singles. Thanks to Juergen huegle for this fantastic creative job (scroll down for a link).

Please visit hupe & Hügle
Thanks for the impressive support
and the fantastic job
you love music!
so we love you!

Studio Scenes

Here you can see some pictures of the studio I am working in. Some would call it Gear Dropping... I agree...
Moog and friend
Beautiful machines

Original Moog minimoog
Roland JP8000
Koma and Cables
Amazing effect pedal

Get wired!
Behringer's new Acid-Machine

Not a real 303, but close to it
Euclidean Rhythmn operator
Great stuff, fantastic beatmaker
Marco Korda
an instrument as well


....coming soon


....coming soon
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